alice spakrs

Rookie (11/18/97 / Odessa, Texas)

Biography of alice spakrs

I grew up never really knowing my biological father. Or even my own 2 older brother and my only little sister. I ran away from my home for the first time in 2009 because I couldn't stand the pain. I started cutting in 2010 because for about 9 years then I was being called a freak, loser, death lover, and unwanted. My poems speak the truth about my life and so many others. Right now, I'm currently in a relationship with an amazing young man. I pray he doesn't break my heart like all the others did before him... thanks for taking time out of you're scheduled to read this, and to some judging me on how I grew up. Updates

Are You Laughing Now?

Are you laughing now,
Now that I'm out of this town?
Are you laughing now,
Now that I take my finally bow?
Did you ever try to show kindness to me,
And understand the person you see?
Are you laughing now?

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