alice VonT

Biography of alice VonT

i am still teenage young but i think i am wise beyond my years.. i have learned how to carry myself because i have seen so much people mess up their lives, i love art sports, traveling, and love. i enjoy fashion like an addict... i read magazines on a dailly basis, absorbing the latest trends, and creating my own.
I dream of being a fashion designer! and someday i know i will make. Updates


Falling in love was my calling from ignorant adolescence,
Adoring and silent i came forward,
Dawn lit way to bliss
just by touching my lips to your kiss,
lost in night when all is dark i heard the beckoning from
deep within your heart,
calling for the only one you knew will always care,
i will always be there, love me because i want to love you.,
i have left life as i have known behind me for you,

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