Alicia Gomez

Alicia Gomez Poems

1. Letting Go 10/7/2006
2. Hopeless 10/7/2006
3. Killing Me 10/7/2006
4. Never Let Me Go 10/7/2006
5. Typical Life 10/7/2006
6. Too Much Cryin' 10/8/2006
7. Hate You 10/8/2006
8. Forever 10/8/2006
9. The World 10/8/2006
10. Strong 10/8/2006
11. Makes Me Love You 10/11/2006
12. Changing 10/12/2006
13. Never Be 10/13/2006
14. Life When You Lonely 10/26/2006
15. Love 11/7/2006
16. Come Clean 11/7/2006
17. It Can Happen 11/17/2006
18. Let It Rain 11/23/2006
19. Get It 10/8/2006
20. Waiting 3/14/2007
21. My Love, 8/15/2007
22. My Love Part Ii 8/20/2007
23. Funny 10/8/2006
24. Thank You 10/8/2006
25. Save Me 12/31/2006
26. Done 10/7/2006
27. Fool, No More 10/7/2006
28. Sorry 10/24/2006
29. Any Other Guy 10/8/2006
30. Beautifully Broken 10/9/2006
Best Poem of Alicia Gomez

Any Other Guy

It's funny how nothing special you are
You look so perfect from afar

But deep inside
you're just like all other guys full
of meaness, violance, and lies

It's disgusting how you pull people by a string
And you watch your lovers go crazy
even though you have a lady
and ima tell you that's not right baby

But who cares what I say
you're gonna do the same thing anyway
So you sit and you watch em'
find out you're taken
You watch em' their heart breaking
and you laugh

And I sit there thinking whats going on?
thats not right your ...

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Fool, No More

It was that kiss and now it ended like this
It was that touch that made me fall so much
It was that word that 4 letter word
And it was you that made me look like a fool

You see I depended on you
Looked up to you
Thought you were the greatest guy
But soon realized everything you said were lies

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