Alicia Moore

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Biography of Alicia Moore

I have never left Texas: ] So country....I really am but im not dumb...
I am only 15.....But my poems are more mature than my age. My personality, well, its weird: ] I am very exotic. I am shy and mysterious and very friendly! What i would love to do one day is.... jump off the Eiffel Tower into glass in a pool of snakes through fire and land in quicksand....and SURVIVE! ! ! : P. My thinking is not normal i think more less unnaturally.... My life has been...horrible but im still living and happy: D!

Alicia Moore's Works:

I haven't published any but I have written 2 of them and working on another Updates


Have you ever been so in love?
Where you would do anything for them?
You were so young and didn't know what you were doing?
Well, i have and i loved him
But, we put up a fight
Nothing was right
I kept thinking it was only a phase
But no, thats just how he was made
Love isn't worth everything

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