Alicia Moore

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Biography of Alicia Moore

I have never left Texas: ] So country....I really am but im not dumb...
I am only 15.....But my poems are more mature than my age. My personality, well, its weird: ] I am very exotic. I am shy and mysterious and very friendly! What i would love to do one day is.... jump off the Eiffel Tower into glass in a pool of snakes through fire and land in quicksand....and SURVIVE! ! ! : P. My thinking is not normal i think more less unnaturally.... My life has been...horrible but im still living and happy: D!

Alicia Moore's Works:

I haven't published any but I have written 2 of them and working on another Updates

Alone Now

Peace, Passion, Past
What used to be
He loved me
But, i beleive
He still does
Even though he is gone
Buried under the tombstone
A rose for everyday we had together
Those memories will last forever

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