Alicia Patti

Biography of Alicia Patti

I have been writing poetry for 50 years. I have entered some contests and three of my poems have been published in small press poetry books. In the early 1980's I edited and published Freedom's Child, a poetry journal dealing with liberty and individualism. It was a very creative time, and I met many talented poets in this manner. Freedom's Child last publication was December,1982, and it left a huge void in my life; however, I soon took up writing again and have been avid in this regard ever since. Updates

Family Reunion

Two men dressed in gray
asked us to leave the grieving room.
The son is here, they said.
Reluctantly I left my sister’s resting place
and, in single file, we slowly stepped
while voicing our consternation.

He stood so still at the bottom
of the ramp, all appendages clamped