Alicia Roseberry

Rookie (11/26/1992 / cincinnati)

Biography of Alicia Roseberry

Okay, Im alicia, aka: Little Fluffii Ninja Squirrel :) Im all alone in this world other than.. well me.. but im trying to now have a positive outlook on life. When I first made my profile on this website i was a lonely depressed teenager and my poems reflected that. Now I am a lonely almost adult with no life and living on a road to nowhere. Thing is tho, I live life to the best of my ability and put everybody else above me.... life still has its ups and downs, but i am working to change my outlook. I love with all my heart, I hate with all my heart, and if you break my heart, prepare to face the wrath of my best friends :)
they dont know why im always wearing black,
and why i stare at the sky so deeply,
but behind this one long sided hair,
theres my eyes with a THICK EYE LINER,
saying: FIX ME IM BROKEN....
Its painful to sit back and watch my family do the things they do on christmas, when they want me in no part of it. i have no idea what i am even here for, i am useless, so broken, almost like my dead cat. i only want his return, but i know it will never happen, so i try to move on, but i cannot sleep, i am scared, he isnt there anymore, he just disapeared. he was my entire reason for living, so i start becoming suicidal, i get put back into the 'hospital' where they pump anti-depressants and mood-stabilizers, not realizing what it did to me..... Updates

Sitting Alone

i sit alone,
starring out the window,
watching the cars,
im so bored,
this life is such a waste of time,
cause there is no company,
everythin is blaimed on me,
i try not,
not to cry,
because i am sitting,
sitting all alone.

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