Alicia Roseberry

Rookie (11/26/1992 / cincinnati)

Biography of Alicia Roseberry

Okay, Im alicia, aka: Little Fluffii Ninja Squirrel :) Im all alone in this world other than.. well me.. but im trying to now have a positive outlook on life. When I first made my profile on this website i was a lonely depressed teenager and my poems reflected that. Now I am a lonely almost adult with no life and living on a road to nowhere. Thing is tho, I live life to the best of my ability and put everybody else above me.... life still has its ups and downs, but i am working to change my outlook. I love with all my heart, I hate with all my heart, and if you break my heart, prepare to face the wrath of my best friends :)
they dont know why im always wearing black,
and why i stare at the sky so deeply,
but behind this one long sided hair,
theres my eyes with a THICK EYE LINER,
saying: FIX ME IM BROKEN....
Its painful to sit back and watch my family do the things they do on christmas, when they want me in no part of it. i have no idea what i am even here for, i am useless, so broken, almost like my dead cat. i only want his return, but i know it will never happen, so i try to move on, but i cannot sleep, i am scared, he isnt there anymore, he just disapeared. he was my entire reason for living, so i start becoming suicidal, i get put back into the 'hospital' where they pump anti-depressants and mood-stabilizers, not realizing what it did to me..... Updates

Running Through Hell

the heat burns,
my eyes turn,
the demons grab for me,
tryin to get me,
running through hell,
is an everyday thing,
makes my life sting,
my ears ring,
with evil,
running through hell.

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