Alien Zoo

Rookie (FEB-16-1990)

Biography of Alien Zoo

I grew up with both of my parents, brother, and lots of animals around. Moved about 6 times.
I still live at home, got a girlfriend, friends, a dog, no job, no school because I finished high school.
And I don't know what to do with my life.

I like Hardcore Punk, Emo and Metalcore.
NO! I'm not emo, because I listen to emo music and write poetry once in a while. I do NOT have my hair flipped to one side for your information! : P
So many of my poems are based on screaming thoughts and growls and grunts.
So yeah... Updates


Another love poem that can't be shared
I wrote sad ones and nobody cared
My Paper crusted from dried up tears I have shed
A situation that even a pen becomes a threat

This is the period that grabs me by the neck
It squeezes, and squeezes untill you crack
The agony blows out all the candles we've lit
(Don't come to close!) An unshaved sheep can't be knit

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