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1. Months That Rhyme With Ember 9/29/2009
2. I Wish I Still Was Who I Used To Be 9/30/2009
3. Oh, Bitter Sweets... 9/30/2009
4. Grey Is The New Good 10/11/2009
5. Devou-Argh! 10/13/2009
6. _insertcornytittlehere_ 10/13/2009
7. Yes Yes Yes! ! ! No...Not Agian! 10/14/2009
8. Pray Between 2 Crosses 10/15/2009
9. My Prayer, When Did I Became Such A Goat? 10/17/2009
10. Dear Teenage Life, 10/17/2009
11. Difficult Sentences In A Dialog To A Stranger To Ask For A Drink When You Are Out Of Cash And Very Thirsty For Anti-Socials And Poeple Who Feel Guilty For Everything! 10/17/2009
12. Run, Prince! 10/20/2009
13. Calm Like A Bomb Is What Comes Closest To Bliss For Me 10/20/2009
14. Not A Glimpse, Not A Smile 10/26/2009
15. St. Petersburg, Russia February 19,1997 10/26/2009
16. Cat Eyes 10/29/2009
17. Rms Titanic 11/1/2009
18. Weeks Became Days 11/1/2009
19. Gun Or Knife 11/5/2009
20. Pale Skin For A Coloured Person. 11/5/2009
21. Rainbows In My Head 11/16/2009
22. Ad == Alien Zoo 11/17/2009
23. The Sandman, Out Of Work. 11/18/2009
24. A Portal To The Dream World Would Be Awesome! 11/18/2009
25. Brancard Love 11/20/2009
26. Astronaut's Motive 11/24/2009
27. Oh No! Could This Really Be The Last Straw? 11/27/2009
28. Predictor Results 11/30/2009
29. Amnesia Photo Phobic 11/30/2009
30. Demosong1 12/1/2009
31. I Was Warned But I Didn'T Listen 12/2/2009
32. Are You A Vampire? (The Repressed Gutfeeling) 12/2/2009
33. Are You Rotting? 12/16/2009
34. I Should'Ve Listen To My Father When He Told Me Not To Date A Vampire 12/16/2009
35. Dissapointments In Me 12/16/2009
36. My Word Against Mine 12/24/2009
37. We 12/25/2009
38. Resolutions 12/25/2009
39. 5 Am And An Ol' Blues Song In My Dream 12/25/2009
40. Pacing To-And-Fro 12/26/2009

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Best Poem of Alien Zoo

Loaf Of Bread

my belt is loosening
those eyes contrast that face
intensity breathes, my heart jumps

I tried
pinching myself
realized reality
I tried

I taste salt on the inside
of my cheeks, down my throat

all things will end, eventually
I don't wanna see another day
don't tell me I don't love you

a love, burning
as wax remains

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Another love poem that can't be shared
I wrote sad ones and nobody cared
My Paper crusted from dried up tears I have shed
A situation that even a pen becomes a threat

This is the period that grabs me by the neck
It squeezes, and squeezes untill you crack
The agony blows out all the candles we've lit
(Don't come to close!) An unshaved sheep can't be knit

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