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41. Why Won'T You Live With It? 12/30/2009
42. Close Your Eyes And Look 12/30/2009
43. Candybar 1/3/2010
44. ''Messenger Doesn'T Count...'' 1/6/2010
45. Warning! Wear A Helmet For Your Own Protection! 1/6/2010
46. ''...But My Bed Feels So Warm! '' 1/6/2010
47. Cushing's Syndrom 1/6/2010
48. Another Attempt, But This Time Straight To The Point. 1/11/2010
49. Insanity: ''Face, Meet Ground! '' 1/11/2010
50. I Don'T Know How To Explain, But I Feel A Sort Of A Void In Side Of Me. I Don'T Know Where It's Coming From... 1/11/2010
51. That Mtv Trash 1/11/2010
52. Feeling Sorry For Myself. ''The Visiting, Conversation'' 1/11/2010
53. Hypnosis 1/12/2010
54. Everyday 1/15/2010
55. Treasure Hunt 1/17/2010
56. The Depths Of My Soul 1/19/2010
57. Remember Those Wasps We Used To Tease? 1/21/2010
58. The Accelerating Thought: From One Glimps To Everything Is Nothing 1/21/2010
59. Red Sheets, Mirror Walls And Golden Chandeliers 1/26/2010
60. Because Of False Preachers From False Gods 1/26/2010
61. Yeah? Well, Too Bad! 1/27/2010
62. 'No, Just Medium...' 1/28/2010
63. Brainsick 2/3/2010
64. Cowblood 2/3/2010
65. Crematory 2/4/2010
66. Deadears 2/15/2010
67. Edge 2/22/2010
68. Liers In The Shape Of Lions 2/22/2010
69. The End Must Be Nearing? 2/28/2010
70. All For The Sake Of A Paycheck! (Rise Of The Tv Sapien) 2/28/2010
71. Mr. Thousand Times 3/7/2010
72. Autothysis 3/7/2010
73. Still Here... 3/7/2010
74. Stereoscopy 3/8/2010
75. Abandon Ship! 3/22/2010
76. Stuck 3/23/2010
77. A. Not So Good B. Even Worse 3/23/2010
78. Blagh! (Spit) 3/24/2010
79. A Path I Keep Walking Over And Over 3/28/2010
80. Wherewolf 12/8/2009

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Best Poem of Alien Zoo

Loaf Of Bread

my belt is loosening
those eyes contrast that face
intensity breathes, my heart jumps

I tried
pinching myself
realized reality
I tried

I taste salt on the inside
of my cheeks, down my throat

all things will end, eventually
I don't wanna see another day
don't tell me I don't love you

a love, burning
as wax remains

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Another love poem that can't be shared
I wrote sad ones and nobody cared
My Paper crusted from dried up tears I have shed
A situation that even a pen becomes a threat

This is the period that grabs me by the neck
It squeezes, and squeezes untill you crack
The agony blows out all the candles we've lit
(Don't come to close!) An unshaved sheep can't be knit

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