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Rookie (FEB-16-1990)

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81. The Irony 12/8/2009
82. I'Ve Letted Myself Rot 12/10/2009
83. Houses Set On Fire 12/11/2009
84. Into Outer Space, Earth Is So 2009 12/11/2009
85. To The Almighty, My Thanks 12/12/2009
86. I Say You Use Your Index Finger Too Much! 12/13/2009
87. Ask Me What I Think 12/14/2009
88. My Dentist Appointment Send Me Out In The Morning In This Vampiristic Year This December. 12/15/2009
89. Head For The Skies 3/30/2010
90. Starvation 4/8/2010
91. Beta 4/21/2010
92. Saturnus 5/7/2010
93. Just Dusk-Ing 5/20/2010
94. I'Ve Heard About It 5/31/2010
95. Motives For The Devil 6/6/2010
96. Only An Fool Would Let It Go This Far, Like Me! 12/6/2009
97. Quiet Lights 11/19/2010
98. Leaving Earth 3/29/2010
99. Swollen Feet 10/26/2009
100. Falling In Shame With You 10/15/2009
101. Taboo 1/28/2010
102. Hold Your Horses 12/16/2009
103. Anaglyph Images, But I Lost My 3d Glasses... 12/7/2009
104. They! 10/11/2009
105. Can I Still Be A Virgin? 10/17/2009
106. Valerian Pills, Make Stressfull Situations Much Easier! 10/17/2009
107. Could You Bring It One More Time To Me? 12/3/2009
108. Lion In The Livingroom! ! ? ? 11/19/2009
109. Loaf Of Bread 11/19/2010

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Best Poem of Alien Zoo

Loaf Of Bread

my belt is loosening
those eyes contrast that face
intensity breathes, my heart jumps

I tried
pinching myself
realized reality
I tried

I taste salt on the inside
of my cheeks, down my throat

all things will end, eventually
I don't wanna see another day
don't tell me I don't love you

a love, burning
as wax remains

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Feel You
Your Cold Eyes
And Your Breath Of

Chased Me
Those Teeth, Claws
You De-Vou-Argh

And Fear
Spills The Cup
While I sit in

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