Alireza Behnam Biography

Born in 1973, Alireza Behnam is an Iranian poet and journalist. He is living in Tehran and works as a journalist in liberal local newspapers. He is also a poet and you can see some translations of his poems on this site. He also writes down some criticism about cinema and literature.

In 1991 he attended Islamic Azad University at northern city of bojnord and in 1997 got his BSc in civil engineering. Afterwards he took a job in the now closed pro reform newspaper Akhbar. He was editor of art & literature in Azad daily newspaper which ended in august 2002 when a hardliner curt in Tehran banned it for the reason of publishing comments of a member of opposition.

After that Behnam was editor of art & literature in Modaber daily which ended in Feb.2003.

He is by now director of editorial board in Ketabe se hafte (book of three weeks) literary magazine and also works as editor of English section in NOANDISH (Neothinker) weekly.

Behnam published four collections of his poetry in Persian and six volumes of translations. He also participated in many poetry events. He was a participant of ' dialouge with nature' program that held by French embassy in Iran on 2004-2005, along with Mohammad Ali Sepanlu, Media Kashigar.Hasan Safdari, Pegah Ahmadi, Bahareh Rezaee, Abdolali Azimi from Iran and Alain Lance, Claude Esteban, Jean Baptiste Para and Anne Talvaz from France.

He also had been invited to Germany for a bilingual reading with German poets in December 2006. The event took place in Berlin with participants like Javad Mojabi, Roshanak Bigonah and Behnam from Iran and Elke Erb, Orsolya Kalasz and Steffen Popp from Germany

He is a reciever of international library of poetry prize in 2001 and Blure pen of Iranian critics on 2002.

He works as a poet and freelance journalist in tehran.

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