Alisha Castle

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Biography of Alisha Castle

Alisha Castle, worldly known as an author, poet, short-story writer, novelist, essayist, screenplay writer and analyst. She born and brought up in India. From early age she had an invisible attraction towards nature. In her words " Basically I am a girl of nature, religious by my own religion, courageous by my own soul with a little much poetic expression that I adopted from nature." Based on her interest towards literature she studied on literature. Her extreme love towards nature and spirituality led her to the world of writing. Her poetry fill with the touch of reality, fiction, love, romance, victory, agony and pain. Her fictional short-stories are also heart touching.

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Alisha Castle's Works:

* " Imagination of Love and Real Identity" - It consist " From the Beginning" , " Breaking Down" , " Season of Hope" , " Glory of Love" , " Heart vs. Mind" , " Comparison" , " Stone Heart" , " Identity" , " Imagine Love as Power" , " Island of Love" , " Only for You" , " Dreams" , " Wish of Moon" , " Waiting for Love" , " Loving Angel" , " In the Day of Love" , " Speed" , " We should remember" , " Sunny Day" .
* " The Traveler" (upcoming)

*" Fire on Ice"
*" Some nights in Dreamland"
*" The Warden"
*" The Fair Stone Zone"

*" Zenith; A flawless Love" (upcoming)
*" The Shooter" (upcoming) Updates

Wish Of Moon

Setting Moon gone to the Ocean,
To find the best of her.
She picked some pearls from there,
Thought about her dreamy desire,
No visions were there suitable to her and got upset.
I was waiting for her after the time she left.
She returns with some pearls and gives those to me,
Talking about her searching journey of agony,
She is getting bore in her busy schedule.

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