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im not much of a people if you get in my circle of friends consider yourself pretty damn lucky.
im in department of childrens and family custody and it sux, but im moving soon to wyoming, YAY.....finally
i used to be a really sick person, so fucked up in the head, but after years of therapy im better {a little bit}but ive learned no matter what life goes on.YAY
anywayz i consider myself a professional poet

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Soon to be published *Immortal Verses* Updates

The Guinea Pig

The guinea pig doesn’t run as fast as it used to, in fact I'm not sure if it’s even there at all anymore. Maybe it wasn’t ever there, who knows, who cares.
Anyways there’s bigger things at hand than just the guinea pig.

Like maybe the fact that if I don’t stop cutting they’re going to put me away for good. I’ve seen the place they want to send me to. All I can say is I'm scared. Ive been good for Se7en months, I haven’t run away, I haven’t cut, I’ve just been good.I take my pills I do my c

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