Alison Cassidy
Melbourne, Australia


sdvsvds 27 January 2020
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Jacqueline Segal 23 January 2017
Discusting poem about such a clever lady, how dare you mention her religion like that, you wouldn't say that if she was catholic, you should be ashamed of yourself
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Jasper Pane 27 July 2009
As many of your poems as I have read, I have but three never dissapoint.
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Shashendra Amalshan 25 July 2009
Hello Allie! ! ! ! I will say.. I fell love in love with Allie, the frist time she sent me hearts... then i read her poems, filled with life, i mean characters are so alive! ! ! i fell in love with her poems... more than that i fell in love with the characters in poems! ! ! ! Her poems reflect what a great, lovely, sweet, person Allison Cassidy is! ! ! ! wish you every happiness.. Real life is very beautiful when i see people like you! ! ! ! with lots of love shan
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Wiskey Pete 23 July 2009
RE: A Practical Kind of Loving This poem is a kiss on the cheek and a punch in the gut! Practical the kind that hurts the most. For in its subtex there could be thousands of reasons for this 'hold you distance love'. Many times it happens during sickness. The partner who is the caretaker, uses this as a defense. Fear...sadness all the things the take ones confidence enter ones fragile mind. Practical Love...I hope no one in my life feels that the type of love I need. Alison...I have read much of your work and have nothing but praise for you. You seem to write with your heart whos pen was dipped inot your soul. Your a credit to this site and any other.
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Rupa U 15 January 2009
I have read some of your poems which all go to show that you are a keen observer of happenings around you, and have the ability to convert your observations into poems with extraordinary ease, in an attractive manner!
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Ivan Donn Carswell 02 September 2008
Crikey, and I thought I had recorded my admiration for Alison's work on her 'Front Page' - I note now that I must have been too busy sending her congratulatory messages to 'get around to it'. I admire Allie's poetry; it is written effortlessly, with patent honesty and palpable sincerity. She makes you feel good. There is always cause to say something nice about it. Damn, she's a great poet & a great Aussie. On ya Gal! Rgds, Ivan
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Phillip Sawatzky 22 May 2008
Good to find you, friend, His beauty shines in your words, your poems. Be well, Phillip
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Raveendran . 30 September 2007
An excellent poet, who is able go deep into the core of experiences and present them beautifully, whose critical insight matches the creative acumen and who shows through her poems and comments that she sincerely believes in ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’.
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gone gone 08 May 2007
Allie is a fine poetess and a lovely human being.....the love IS Allie....
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glen still 25 October 2006
ALISON..REALLY LIKE YOUR WORK..I ESPECIALLY LIKED ! Sad is Stupid... U caught that dysfunctional complex head on... would u read a recent post of mine and let me know what u think: MySpace is the title.. peace always... glen
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Michael Shepherd 12 September 2006
Welcome to one of the most beautiful collections of poems on this site by one of the most beautiful souls on this site. Grace abounding.
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Jerry Hughes 30 June 2006
Not only are you welcome on this site, your empathy with the subject matter will enhance this illusionary, sometimes unbright star to brighten up a bit. Heavens to Murgatroid it needed to, desperately...
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