Alison Cassidy

Rookie (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Alison Cassidy Poems

161. Dear Old Macca 3/21/2009
162. Modern Muslims 10/19/2009
163. Suburban Labor 9/5/2008
164. 3.00am 4/8/2007
165. 'Be Noble My Child' 9/3/2006
166. Goodbye Trevor 9/14/2007
167. Sugar Daddy 3/2/2008
168. The Faded Ford 8/25/2009
169. A Doggie Miracle - Thanks George 11/10/2007
170. A Last Farewell 7/15/2006
171. Hard Rubbish 5/16/2008
172. Peacock Story 2 - Pretty Miss P 12/20/2006
173. Yes 5/17/2006
174. Guitar Concerto - Senryu 4/6/2008
175. Cliffside 3/7/2008
176. A Night With Nyman 8/2/2009
177. Autumn Is Singing In The Hills 4/21/2007
178. Teaching Dance 10/16/2006
179. White Ibis With Plastic Bag 10/18/2006
180. The Children Carry Your Genes 5/17/2009
181. Bush Lawyer 4/3/2007
182. Butterfly Dancing 5/28/2009
183. What Is Yoga Practice? 9/28/2007
184. Spartans Gym 9/28/2008
185. The Three Of Us 3/12/2007
186. The Right To Choose 12/3/2006
187. Sans Leaves (Haiku) 5/31/2009
188. Jerry's Journey - Professor Rosenfeldt 5/2/2008
189. Togetherness 4/29/2007
190. Salt Of The Earth 4/8/2009
191. Global Warming? 12/20/2006
192. Finger Painting 9/24/2006
193. A Morning Poem 7/13/2007
194. Goodbye 2007 1/6/2008
195. Olfactory Memories 12/26/2006
196. Poemhunter 9/8/2006
197. A Blue Of Little Brain 10/12/2007
198. New Years Eve 1/1/2008
199. God, I Wasted Thirty Years Of You! 2/2/2008
200. No Trouble At All 6/20/2009

Comments about Alison Cassidy

  • Raveendran . (9/30/2007 2:50:00 AM)

    An excellent poet, who is able go deep into the core of experiences and present them beautifully, whose critical insight matches the creative acumen and who shows through her poems and comments that she sincerely believes in ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’.

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  • gone gone (5/8/2007 8:47:00 PM)

    Allie is a fine poetess and a lovely human being.....the love IS Allie....

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  • glen still (10/25/2006 4:26:00 AM)

    ALISON..REALLY LIKE YOUR WORK..I ESPECIALLY LIKED ! Sad is Stupid... U caught that dysfunctional complex head on... would u read a recent post of mine and let me know what u think: MySpace is the title..

    peace always...


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  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (9/14/2006 4:59:00 AM)

    Allie is everything one might wish for but rarely finds in a poet. Abundant wisdom, vivacity, the capacity to diversify, imagination... a unique talent to engage the reader, drawing him or her right in. And one hell of a fine woman to boot. Without prejudice to her uniquely finely penned pieces, I adore this woman.
    One reservation: she does not write enough... :) t x

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  • Michael Shepherd (9/12/2006 1:26:00 PM)

    Welcome to one of the most beautiful collections of poems on this site by one of the most beautiful souls on this site. Grace abounding.

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  • Jerry Hughes (6/30/2006 12:43:00 AM)

    Not only are you welcome on this site, your empathy with the subject matter will enhance this illusionary, sometimes unbright star to brighten up a bit. Heavens to Murgatroid it needed to, desperately...

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Best Poem of Alison Cassidy

A Pocketful Of Sympathy

A pocketful of sympathy
Is really rather wonderful
To stop a scratch from stinging
Or a bruise from black and bluing

A pocketful of sympathy
Can stop a heart from hurting
Or catch a tear that's falling
Like a raindropp down a cheek

A pocketful of sympathy
Costs absolutely nothing
It's the cheapest kind of plaster
That you'll ever ever find

And a pocketful of sympathy
Is like Lindsay's Magic Pudding
'Cos the more of it you give away
The more you leave behind

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Like Any Other Day

These paragraphs begin the afterward of Donna Farhi's book 'Bringing Yoga to Life'. She expresses eloquently what I have come to believe after 24 years of continuous Yoga practice and teaching.

Does Yoga practice make life easier? Most assuredly, all that is onerous and cumbersome does not go away. Yet our once implacable desire for certaintly wavers in the face of something better: Living in awe, wonder, and delight. Life does not become easier; we become easier with life just as it is