Alissa Greene

Rookie (July 29 1992 / Baltimore)

Biography of Alissa Greene

My first name is Erin.
Music is my passion,
but writing comes as second nature.
An east coast music conservatory is in my near future.
The real world is beckoning and I can't wait to answer.
I am a Christian, and my faith in God is my rock.
Enjoy the poetry! Updates

A Love For Us

written October 17,2008

i want him because he is him....the way he is and nothin short of it is what i adore......until he makes me mad.....then i push away...pretend not 2 care...until i hear his name....those syllables that send me 2 cloud 12 cuz cloud 9 can handle this feeling

i want him to want me and promise of that which is to come...only simple terms.....yet im complex..but he's been to the inner sanctums of my mind......of my heart......and that pl

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