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A Special Cousin

Long ago you came into this world with the gift to make the day bright. You brought love and laughter to all those you touched. We watched you grow and guided you as you took your first steps. And every change I got I took you for a walk.

As the years went by we became close and we were considered best friends. You told me everything and always came to me in your time of need. I helped you through thick n thin, you always knew you could count on me.

We had our fights, but always seemed to work them through, and in the end it always brought us even closer you know its true. I've ...

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To long he craves for passion,
to long he carries this burden
for his life has unfolded to early
known and to late to be fortold.

He strives for his soul, yet empty
he is shallow. If a lesson to be told,
he'd be forgiving and move foward
in not just life, but the one following.