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Alistair Graham Poems

121. Land Of Milk And Money 2012 Ad 12/22/2012
122. I Know 12/22/2012
123. The Tomb In Tyrone 12/22/2012
124. Crack Up 12/22/2012
125. Everything 11/3/2012
126. All Better Now 7/1/2013
127. July Moon 12/19/2013
128. One Among Many 12/26/2013
129. Pile Of Old Coats 8/27/2017
130. After A Day's Work 8/27/2017
131. As If To Touch It 8/27/2017
132. Balancing Trick 8/27/2017
133. Before It's Too Late 8/27/2017
134. Binding And Loosing 8/27/2017
135. Black And White Tales 8/27/2017
136. Coffee In Ann Street 8/27/2017
137. Falling From Rooftops To Their Death 8/27/2017
138. It Must Be Bloody Awful 8/27/2017
139. Unfortunately, I Can See 8/27/2017
140. When You Are Drunk 8/27/2017
141. A State Of Affairs 9/1/2017
142. Shall I Continue? 12/31/2013
143. Belfast Taxi 6/11/2013
144. Ally Ally Oh 6/11/2013
145. Headquarters 12/22/2012
146. Fifty Sheets Of Grey 4/12/2013
147. It's Always Stinking Outside 11/3/2012
148. Poet 9/10/2017
149. Northern Irish Poets 8/13/2017
150. Black Death 11/3/2012

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Best Poem of Alistair Graham

Black Death

That of God in every man, can you see it?
Pull back the yellow stained curtains;
chisel out the crusted mess from your eyes

collect the stinking garments, bring them to the fire
scramble over the self-erected barricades
begin the journey to the land that bears fruit

The scales and blinkers will spring away
and down, like giant hale stones descending
onto a drum, stretched with lambskin.

Skin, bloodied and scarred by searing juices on lit coals -
a sour breath from mouths sucking on vinegar sponges -
a congregation of Protestant and Catholic ...

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Little Brain Pieces

I decide the world's crazy
as I stare at my feet
I open the curtains
to look out on the street

I switch on the reading lamp
get paper and pen
I sit in my boxers
on the sofa again

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