Aljon Cruz

Rookie (April 6,1993 / Nueva Ecija)

Biography of Aljon Cruz

'm Aljon Pangilinan Cruz You can call me Aljon or Jon Well I'm just an average guy. A guy that has his own uniqueness. A person with a very weird personality. I'm not a showy person. Like other people I'm not perfect I have some friends.. I'm friendly deep inside I'm easy to approach Just approach me and we're friends already.. I'm a type of person who easily laughs but easily cries. I'm a bit moody. I'm a God-fearing person. I'm not the type of guy who is 'palalabas' Like other persons I also made mistakes and also most of the times I experience “kamalasan” I’m not a person who always smile, most of the time you can see me “nakayuko” in one side of the room. I'm not that talented. I'm not that smart, cant sing well, I cant dance beautifully either but I can play the guitar and I also write poems. Updates

Apple Of My Eye

When you first talked to me
Everything was just too plain to see
But as the days passes by
You've been the apple of my eye

Each time that's running
In each day that's passing
With a gal who's voice is deafening
That for me is sweet and admiring

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