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41. The Prayer Imperative 11/7/2011
42. Independence And Reconciliation Celebration 7/11/2012
43. Interdependence Day Celebration 7/11/2012
44. Even So 7/11/2012
45. White Water 6/2/2012
46. Prayer To Allah 11/6/2011
47. Dancing Toward The Promised Land 11/6/2011
48. The Human Butterfly Effect 11/7/2011
49. Becoming Composed 11/6/2011
50. Soulfire 11/4/2011
51. The Redemption Of Everything 11/4/2011
52. Do You Live Alone? 11/4/2011
53. How To Recognize A Human Killer Bee In Honeybee Drag 11/4/2011
54. Cheering Us On To Salvation~ A Handbook For Those Subjected To People With Disordered Personalities 11/4/2011
55. Saint Francis And Siddartha 11/4/2011
56. A Prayer Room For All People 11/6/2011
57. Sea Call 11/6/2011
58. Pillar Of Salt 11/6/2011
59. Well Spring 11/6/2011
60. My Beautiful Ruins ~ And Why The Irish Needed Fairyland, Religion And Poetry 7/11/2012
61. Life Loves You 11/6/2011
62. Call 11/6/2011
63. On Being A Mammal 11/4/2011
64. Sacred Yes, Holy No 11/4/2011
65. Wangari Maathai 11/4/2011
66. Before Jesus 11/6/2011
67. What Is Prayer? 11/6/2011
68. The Power Of The Crone 11/4/2011
69. The Shortest Revolution In History 11/7/2011
70. Be 11/6/2011
71. Dance Then To Everything 11/4/2011
72. Narcissism 11/4/2011
73. Unsolvable Things 11/4/2011
74. Water Women 11/4/2011
75. Belonging 11/4/2011
76. Passover Remembered 11/4/2011
77. Bakerwoman God 11/4/2011

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Bakerwoman God

Bakerwoman God,
I am your living bread.
Strong, brown Bakerwoman God,
I am your low, soft, and being-shaped loaf.

I am your rising bread,
well-kneaded by some divine
and knotty pair of knuckles,
by your warm earth hands.
I am bread well-kneaded.

Put me in fire, Bakerwoman God,
put me in your own bright fire.
I am warm, warm as you from fire.
I am white and gold, soft and hard,
brown and round.
I am so warm from fire.

Break me, Bakerwoman God.
I am broken under your caring Word.
Drop me in your special juice in ...

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The Power Of The Crone

She enacts and teaches the truth —
embracing the blessing of limitation
she accepts Life’s new gift of freedom,
she discovers her power to choose,
to say a Positive No to the things
she doesn’t want to do —

She focuses on what matters most
in her life, letting go

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