Allan Rufus

Rookie (Chipinga Zimbabwe)

Biography of Allan Rufus

Allan Rufus is on a journey of Self Discovery in both his inner and outer world. He has written 2 books and busy with another 2 on Personal Development.

His work is about Self Discovery, and then using this knowledge to enhance his life in Personal Development, to stay in the realms of positivity, peacefulness and most importantly Unconditional LOVE!

He is a lover of life, and his motto is “As long as I learn something every day, it doesn’t matter how small or large that something is, it’s something that I didn’t know and have learnt and added to my knowledge and character”. (The Wisdom only came later when I started to put it into practice.)

Allan Rufus's Works:

The Minds Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User.

Today...we are going to fly high. Updates

Butterfly Wings

as your words
flowed my way
uplifted and light,
i flew like a butterfly
in gentle flight.

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