Allen Steble

Rookie - 139 Points [(Motivational, love and humour poems)] (20/04/1987)

Allen Steble Poems

41. Haiku- Safety In Numbers 5/3/2013
42. Haiku - Reality 5/3/2013
43. Haiku - Listen 5/3/2013
44. Haiku - Wind 5/7/2013
45. Haiku - Rat 5/7/2013
46. Haiku - Sunshine 5/9/2013
47. Haiku- Sampson 5/13/2013
48. Haiku - Coexistence 5/23/2013
49. Factory Settings 5/28/2013
50. Limerick - Mime 6/1/2013
51. Haiku- Fight 6/10/2013
52. Haiku- Confidence 6/22/2013
53. Limerick- The Unwise Man 6/28/2013
54. Limerick - We Learn 7/8/2013
55. Limerick- Sometimes I Have To Try To Smile 6/21/2013
56. Haiku- Will We Fix Everything 5/28/2013
57. Haiku- Tough Times 5/26/2013
58. Another Work Week Nearly Over 5/11/2013
59. Haiku-Without Music 5/7/2013
60. Independence Day 5/5/2013
61. Haiku- Newtons Law 5/4/2013
62. Haiku- Future 5/4/2013
63. Mindful 4/19/2016
64. A Broken Toy 9/12/2018
65. Haiku- Passion 5/5/2013
66. Haiku- Anger 5/9/2013
67. Automation 6/9/2013
68. Limerick- Limitation 6/5/2013
69. Haiku - Ignorance 5/17/2013
70. Haiku - Eagle 5/7/2013
71. Haiku - Centipede 5/7/2013
72. Haiku- Jogging 5/3/2013
73. Unforgettable 9/10/2009
74. Order In The Animal Kingdom 4/4/2009
75. I'm Too Heavy To Fly 1/17/2009
76. Many Stories Behind A Smile 12/22/2008
77. Road To Calm 8/4/2007
78. Haiku - Bloke 5/3/2013
79. Haiku- Thoughts 5/4/2013
80. Haiku-Music 5/7/2013

Comments about Allen Steble

  • Raabia Tabassum Raabia Tabassum (11/23/2013 2:14:00 AM)

    Great poetry. Keep going. Mind checking mine out?

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    50 person did not like.
  • Dinesh Nair Dinesh Nair (6/27/2013 9:48:00 AM)

    Mr Allen Steble is being now ranked as the most popular PH poet as per the rating of June 2013.
    He is a fine poet with a lot of insight into man`s life and his social disposition. Mr Allen, as he says, is a motivational poet with a vision for universal human love and even his humour poems have been written with a tell a tale purpose.
    Mr Allen`s diction is fair and simple without bombastic expressions and the multiplicity of his themes and universality of his philosophy of life have got the glitter of a rare blend. He is young and dynamic and can therefore deliver much more ahead.
    I wish Mr Allen many more innings over here and hope him to keep his going high.

  • Doug Blair (6/8/2013 1:12:00 PM)

    The Breeze Blows. Interesting that in the third verse, and observing limitless heavens in silence, the writer says that it is the last time of sensing the breeze. Is it that he dies, or that individuality is morphed into the great Cosmos. Everything is certainly much bigger than the writer, and he knows it.

  • Richardson Greg (5/31/2013 6:26:00 PM)

    I love fire and talk about it alot in my poetry. Try reading my poem, I am Fire. I think you will like it and it might give you a new perception of your own poem. :)

  • Frank (popeye) Pulver Frank (popeye) Pulver (5/14/2013 10:08:00 AM)

    this is a good poem that reminds that we all should never get up and keep the inner motivation and courage in our heart.

  • S R (6/27/2009 12:30:00 AM)

    thanks for such a nice comment and for appreciating my are the 1st the way your poems are more than just a poem and is touching.honestly.thanks again.
    take care.
    S R.

Best Poem of Allen Steble

(there's A Fire Burning In My Eyes)

Even the impossible can be done
because i believe it can
the toughest challenge can be won
because i am a fighting man
...there's a fire burning in my eyes,
because i'm after the prize.

Anything far-fetched can be achieved
yes, it can be done
because in truth i believe
that i am the right one
but thats no surprize,
cause' there's a fire burning in my eyes.

Anything unlikely can be overcome
in an hour of darkness
even though there exists some
who think the situation is hopeless
but my spirit never dies,
because there's a fire burning...

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Within A Diamond

On the outside i am strong
My very skin shines with many pearls
I feel trapped in my self though
not able to escape, caged up in confusion
I feel almost a part of my surrounds
one with an inanimate object, a precious one
I hope somebody will find the precious stone in which i dwell
Because I am a burning flame on the inside
and that makes me sparkle, my own pain

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