Allen Steble

Rookie - 110 Points [(Motivational, love and humour poems)] (20/04/1987)

Allen Steble Poems

161. Limerick- Our Love 6/28/2013
162. Sonnet- Let Anger Not Consume Me 6/3/2013
163. **the Man I Was, The Man I Am, The Man I See, The Man I Hope To Be 1/1/2009
164. Limerick- A Thousand Years From Now 6/16/2013
165. A Bad Day 5/14/2013
166. Haiku- Writing Haiku's 5/22/2013
167. Limerick- Friends 7/8/2013
168. Traffic 5/17/2013
169. *(I'Ll Wait For You) * 12/14/2008
170. **our Words Live On For Aeons** 12/17/2008
171. Will The Sky Still Be Blue 5/22/2014
172. *where Are Your Powers Babylon? 2/23/2009
173. *(Histories Blight) 2/4/2009
174. **the Heart Will Love, The Heart Will Grow, The Heart Will Break, The Heart Will Heal 1/7/2009
175. *(Maya Angelou) * 4/9/2009
176. *(Tornado) 1/29/2009
177. *(Candlelight Chorus) * 4/9/2009
178. Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easily 5/12/2013
179. *blossom Of Freedom* 4/19/2009
180. Bianca, The Anchor Of My Life 5/7/2013
181. **take Me With You(Wherever You Go) ** 12/15/2008
182. *(Come To Me) * 6/23/2009
183. *(I Cry Until My Tears Become Dry) * 8/18/2008
184. *(Hide And Seek) * 2/2/2009
185. (i Realized) 3/26/2011
186. (mysteries In The Mist) 12/22/2010
187. (whispers From A Shadow) 4/27/2010
188. (there Is Nothing Really Ever To Fear) 3/21/2011
189. **land Of Chocolate ** 12/30/2008
190. (unforgettable) 9/10/2009
191. Time Heals 7/13/2013
192. (do What Makes You Happy) 5/12/2013
193. (you Are The World To Me) 10/30/2009
194. *(Choices) * 12/24/2007
195. (who Teaches The Creatures) 1/8/2009
196. (we All Must Drink The Water Of Life) 4/25/2011
197. (always For Eachother) 12/15/2008
198. *(Fifty Feet Tall (Inspired By Shel Silverstein's 'One Inch Tall')) 10/12/2008
199. (everything I See Is Poetry To Me) 5/10/2013
200. *(A Simile Like Love, A Metaphor Is Love) * 11/23/2008
Best Poem of Allen Steble

(there's A Fire Burning In My Eyes)

Even the impossible can be done
because i believe it can
the toughest challenge can be won
because i am a fighting man
...there's a fire burning in my eyes,
because i'm after the prize.

Anything far-fetched can be achieved
yes, it can be done
because in truth i believe
that i am the right one
but thats no surprize,
cause' there's a fire burning in my eyes.

Anything unlikely can be overcome
in an hour of darkness
even though there exists some
who think the situation is hopeless
but my spirit never dies,
because there's a fire burning...

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The Further You Go

Traveling through time waiting for the end
The end of what!
The end of the uneven road to the top
Fighting vigorously, The sweat of my face sparkles
sparkles with luminescence
sparkles with stars of proud spirit
Further in the distance, further i must go
Collapsing like a glacier under the scorching sun
Further, further yes i know

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