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Some people take a lifetime just finding out who they are. This is something I struggle with everyday. But as each day goes by, I see a little part of me reveal itself. I can be goofy, serious, blunt, mysterious, shy, and sometimes I may not shut up (when I'm ranting) . All in all, I am me. Whoever that is... :)
I guess you can say, I'm different. The life I live has molded me into this totally unordinary, 'which cave did you crawl out of? ! ', 'where the hell did that thing come from? ! ', kinda girl. Which I believe isn't such a bad thing. As for the drugs and booze, it's all behind me. I'm retired. At the age of 16? You'd think I'm lying... but I'm not. My mind has aged too fast. Like a fine wine, it's bittersweet. In the inside, I'm not a this naive teen. My age is an issue, which has been a bit of my downfall. My childhood's a blur. I've been living the life of an adult for too long. Sometimes you've gotta grow up before your time, just to survive in the world you live in, which has no place for a child.
There are times where I don't think before I speak. Not sure if it's a bad thing. Don't get me wrong. I'm not inconsiderate about anyone's feelings. It may seems that way, but it's not true. When I say something... I mean it. Why lie? I'd rather be passive as hell than lie. If you want to sweep my off my feet... grab a broom. Fair warning, it's not easy. My heart is like the sword of camelot... is your name King arthur?
What's my idea of fun nowadays? Surf is awesome. Espically when the waves wash away your stress. Drumming is a passion, and so is messing with a guitar. The government is my biggest foe. Well, just most of the people in it. So, talking about your foe helps you feel much better. Debates are my thing. Fun, fun, fun! Chatting away till you fall asleep... well that's reserved for my lovers and friends. Breaking small rules, the thrill is a blessing... but nothing too big, where you can't talk your way out of the situation. Star gazing... now there's something good for your eyes. Sitting on a roof top with a few of your friends. That's more of my idea of a Romantic evening. haha... yes. Fun, fun, fun!

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Losing The Love Battle

I keep telling myself it's not love
it's just a simple crush
it's just simply lust
I've been holding these
feelings inside to long
and I know I'm not letting
them out anytime soon.
Or maybe I just wont let
them out at all