Alley Breines

Biography of Alley Breines

I'm Alley i'm only 14 and live in the U.S. and i LOVE to write. but not all the time i only write peoms when im inspired... even though my life can inspire me. i really don't like basing my poems on my life or people in it even though i do have some peoms that are about people... To me peoms don't have to make sense to be good they just have to have some sort of over all meaning to it. i'm also writing a story, its coming around. Updates

Sleepless Nights

Lights turn off, putting your head to the pillow never felt so good.
you close your eyes and take a long deep breathe.

You hear the noise from outside your window.
The wind blows around the trees.
You toss and turn.

Lights turn on, rising from the pillow could feel better.
You open your eyes and stretch your body.

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