Allie Nicole

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Biography of Allie Nicole

My name is Allie Nicole. I am 16 years old. And have been through a lot but i always remember that there is people tht has had a worse life than i could ever imagine.My poems are to help people through all the rough times in like.To let them know to 'live life to the fullest'.When you think you have had a hard life just think about the people tht has it worse like 10x worse than u.Think every time you think you cant handle it anymore tht u CAN make it through trust me.If you ever need help or someone to tlk to just email me and i will help you the best i can. I have the best boyfriend tht i could ever think of hes not perfect but he is perfect to me and thts all tht counts huh..his name is Trenton Melvin.i have the best best friend i could ever wish for and i wouldnt change her for nothin her name is Brittani Tutt.She has helped me through so much and i thank her for it.Both of them have and i thank both of them. I Love You guys to death... Updates

Forever & Always

Forever and always!
When you hurt yourself
you hurt me too
so please be careful about what you do

don't drink and drive
don't do drugs
just receive all these wonderful hugs

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