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Biography of Allie Nicole

My name is Allie Nicole. I am 16 years old. And have been through a lot but i always remember that there is people tht has had a worse life than i could ever imagine.My poems are to help people through all the rough times in like.To let them know to 'live life to the fullest'.When you think you have had a hard life just think about the people tht has it worse like 10x worse than u.Think every time you think you cant handle it anymore tht u CAN make it through trust me.If you ever need help or someone to tlk to just email me and i will help you the best i can. I have the best boyfriend tht i could ever think of hes not perfect but he is perfect to me and thts all tht counts huh..his name is Trenton Melvin.i have the best best friend i could ever wish for and i wouldnt change her for nothin her name is Brittani Tutt.She has helped me through so much and i thank her for it.Both of them have and i thank both of them. I Love You guys to death... Updates

Me And You..

when you get mad,
you talk,
when i get mad,
i cut,
when you get depressed,
you gather around your loved ones,
when i get depressed i gather around sharp objects,
when your happy,
you smile,
when im happy,
i fake a smile and walk away,

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