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Biography of ally rose

I am 18 years old and i have been writing since i was little but my poetry has never been happy i am pansexual and damn proud to! I am in college and have many nicknames Wrath/Canada/Lilith/Violette..just to name a few if you wish you can call me by these instead of ally...I hate negative comments so don't send me any and if you read it and like my poetry please comment on it I'd like to hear peoples opinions.=]

ally rose's Works:

none yet but i'm trying to put together a poem book Updates

Chemistry Of Sadness

Lithium stops the voices,
Cyanide stops the pain.
Oxyen makes you hate life,
Alcohol makes you insane.
Nitroglycerin helps asphyxiation.
Then blood kills you slowly,
As you breathe you last breath,
Lost, sad and lonely.

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