Allyson Gordon Poems

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We will hold hands together
Laugh and smile together
Share our secrets together
And help each other together

Join Me In Suicide

Where the sun sets and the moon rises,
I will meet you there at night fall
To create pandemonium one last time
But tonight will never be forgotten

Let Music Embrace

Music is for any emotion
Music can read your mind
Sadness or sorrow
In music you can find

Music – (Acrostic)

Makes me feel emotion
Understands me best;
Starts in motion
Interesting quests

Give Me…

Give me life, so I can live
Give me love, so I can give
Give me happiness, so I can smile
Give me time, so I can stay awile

Love Said No

As we walk the path of misery once more
We find the keys to unlock the door
To the room that hides our hearts
Love pierces our flesh like poison darts

Autumn Leaves

I am an autumn leaf
Soaring through the air
I am free as a bird
Without a worry or a care

The Father I Never Had

You never understand me,
Or what I go through
I know you say you’re proud
Of everything I do

After Life, After Death

Drowning in blood
Choking on tears
Lost in a flood
That washed away my fears


Forgiveness is the key
Forgiveness alone,
Can set you free
From all you’ve done