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Well what can I say about myself other then my testimony which is all that I am I have had a rough past but I don't let that rule me I have made some very bad choices in my life but I learn from them all. I do my best to enjoy every single day of my life because I never know when I'll draw my last breath while at the same time trying to make it count for somthing. I don't try to live a life pleasing to others and I strive everyday to not be so focused on pleasing myself but I try to live a life pleasing to God because lets face it he's given me all I have and without him I am nothing. Sure I make alot of mistakes but I'm trying and eventually I'll get it right.
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Who Am I?

I sat down
settled in my spirit
and watched in silence
As the flame licked the page
Devouring the old and starting a new
page of my life
Consuming the bondage that once held so tight
I’ve been freed
For my past,

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