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Aloke Mukherjee Poems

1. Lachung 5/10/2012
2. Homeless. 5/16/2012
3. The Train On The Track. 12/5/2012
4. Sin Of My Loin 12/5/2012
5. On The Rooftop 12/5/2012
6. Seeking Through A Pane 3/8/2013
7. A Night Of Desire 4/18/2013
8. Storm 7/20/2013
9. Life For Ever 6/8/2013
10. Inferno 8/16/2013
11. My Days 8/22/2013
12. On Death Of A Friend 8/12/2013
13. One Night Stand 9/6/2013
14. You Wanted A Dream 9/24/2013
15. Woods 10/6/2013
16. You Are My Heart 10/31/2013
17. Stay With Me 11/9/2013
18. Crazy Syndrome 12/13/2013
19. Kedarnath- A Saga Of A Night 12/13/2013
20. Love 12/26/2013
21. Campfire At The Middle Of Nowhere 12/26/2013
22. Alone In The Darkness 1/8/2014
23. Give Me Thy Hands 2/1/2014
24. Wind Was High 7/26/2014
25. X 7/26/2014
26. A Day In Andaman Island 11/16/2013
27. A Departure 8/13/2013
28. Is Calcutta Burning? 2/23/2014
29. I Rule The Midnight City 12/19/2012
30. Eyes, Your Eyes. 12/21/2012
31. Forsaken 2/1/2014
32. The Sorrow Fixed The Day. 12/9/2012

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Best Poem of Aloke Mukherjee

The Sorrow Fixed The Day.

The sorrow fixed the day,
we met beneath sal and Palash
In the winding lane to the hilltop.
I smiled like a king-hi babe, where is
the way to the top, top of the world!

I swam across the lake of her blue eyes-
I climbed the darkest path under the
age-old mossy boughs of pine,
And the grief fixed the day as the stars
peeked trough the slits of the clouds.

I heard as the hours struck- the waves
black with the sadness leaped to kiss the dream,
Death is a way of parting or parting of the ways.

we had a tryst on the distant hilltop to ...

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Now, Lachung hugging me with warm blanket
To spend the night with dreams.
Why I come back to this snow-capped peaks?
Why the hullabaloo in the dining hall-
Why the thrown away beer cans on the snow?
Why the people come back here? why I come here again and again?

I have tears in the flask, the desolate evening in the rucksack-
I have covered the blue melancholy with jeans.

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