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Alvin A. Sun Poems

1. Drop It In A Wishing Well 3/6/2005
2. Joey 3/7/2005
3. Something Has Happened 3/10/2005
4. Compulsive Hound 3/21/2005
5. A Picture Torn 2/19/2005
6. Big Headed You 3/6/2005
7. Not My Mood 3/24/2005
8. An Each Helping 11/20/2004
9. Poetry 12/14/2004
10. Filled With You 4/15/2005
11. A Line Unknown 4/26/2005
12. Cannot Get In 4/27/2005
13. L Am Me 12/29/2004
14. Hidden Love 1/6/2005
15. Out 1/9/2005
16. Me 2/26/2005
17. The Burning Gray Mass 1/22/2005
18. Capture 2/10/2005
19. Fruity Pie 2/13/2005
20. Walk With A Hand 12/14/2004
21. Not Surprised 4/8/2005
22. You Are Priceless 10/31/2004
23. Who Is She...? 4/6/2005

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Best Poem of Alvin A. Sun

Who Is She...?

Who is she to think
that she can get away with this,
it's not like a blink.

Who is she to be
special without me,
for l am the one who holds the gold.

Who is she to tell me
what to do,
and how to do it.

l think she is just trying to control
who l am,
but she will not get the best of
who l am.

l do think much of her
but she needs,
to realize
l am not her,
just a me
l am.

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Big Headed You

l've noticed something about you,
very full of yourself you are.
l've been watching what you do,
open thoughts you have not.
You've proven this many times,
showing your colors makes a fool out of you.
l'm not going to inform you,
even though, l have.

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