Alvin A. Sun Poems

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l like being myself
Because others, l can help

At times it's hard to be me

The Burning Gray Mass

the noises that i hear
they burn like salt in the wound
it dosent take long
then youll hear


Statue in hand
l flick it away
for it causes much dismay
for it will not lay in hay

Fruity Pie

Sharp edges cut at tender flest
the fluid and sweetness start to mesh
rough hands turn smooth mixture
minipulate into a rotund fixture

Walk With A Hand

l see you there.., so true to your heart.., that is all l want to do is take your hand.
Hold it near to my heart.., feel you feeling my heart beat.., sharing a special kind of spark.
You tore into my soul.., and feed me all that you did know.., and more builds each and every day.
l love what you say.., l love the tone in which you have..., and l love when you hold my hand, and l hold yours.

Not Surprised

Am not shocked by the happinnings
l thought this might came from what has been done,
Yet not does another know,
of what is,

Drop It In A Wishing Well

Forget the dime l left behind,
two sense is what l meant.
Give it to another who cares,
my concern dripples not fair.


I use to have a kitten
who cheered me up when I
was down.
He was so little and adoriable.

Something Has Happened

A happinning has taken place
and I am at a lose.
Can't figure out this case
it is driving a nail into my heart.

Compulsive Hound

Full of spine you are.
They feel like damn,
needles in my behind.