Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego

Veteran Poet - 1,184 Points [Alvin Di Word Speaker] (07/11/1994 / Maun)

Biography of Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego

Kemmonye Tatlhego was born in 1994 on the seventh of November in Maun. His mother is Boitumelo Tatlhego with his father named Disanneng Kwerepe. Kemmonye started his primary school in 2000, the first year at school was not a good one, he hated school because of the teacher who was teaching him by then, “my teacher would slap me for little mistakes” said Kemmonye. The first year he did not do well and repeated standard 1 that is when he started doing well at school, he said he enjoyed being at school because his second teacher was not like the first one. But something bad came to his mind while he was doing standard 5, he started missing school days for no reason, but this did not lower his performance, “ I was always toping my class though I was not attending school properly” Alvin said. Kemmonye dropped out of school and started to room around the street, drinking alcohol, at home people did not accept his behavior, not meaning that they hated him, but his character and behavior, “I thought my family members hated me because no one wanted to be associated with me, but I was wrong they did not like my mission of not attending school, because education is highly respected at home” words of Alvin. That was in 2005 when this young man dropped out of school, ‘it was very hurting when I saw some other kids going to school every morning”said young man. In 2008 Kemmonye now started to ask his mom to take him back to school, his mom liked his idea, one day we were at my mum’s fried daughters party when they were playing Lucky Dube’s tunes, there was this song called I am a prisoner, I inclined my ears to its sayings, the words were touching and the more that it was a DVD I saw how someone can suffer when he is a criminal, that is when I realized that education is the king” said Alvin. In the beginning of the year there were preparationsto take him back to school but it failed, then in 2009 his grandmother managed to take him to the social worker who helped him to go to school in Shakawe called Bana Ba Metsi, “my trip was fine and good” said Kemmonye. The first year at school was not that good to Kemmonye but he kept on trying, we attended classes from 07 30 am until 13 30 when we will be having lunch, then we would spend one hour after lunch resting and on 15 30 we gather at the kitchen for the meeting, at the meeting one boy will be chosen and all teachers including students will give comments regarding his behavior, this was really good because it helped us to know where we are wrong and correct it, then after 30 minutes of the meeting we will be give different tasks to do, I enjoyed working at the workshop where there were machines and spanners, the tasks included, brick laying (by the way every building found in BBM school is built by students) , brick molding, slaughtering chickens, collecting sand and firewood, there were two volunteers from outside the country who offered math’s and science, it was good to be with them, my headmaster Steven Harpt liked my hard work and enjoyed working with me” said Kemmonye. The school was good for him and he like being there, it only offered grades starting from standard 5 to 7, first term he did very well but he was not above some of the boy. When he got back home for holidays his parents were very proud of him, “talking looking at my papers”, “this is what I want” said my best uncle Mokganedi well known as Gr8”, the journey went on and on, Kemmonye was now understanding right and wrong, “but some people thought I was still the same Kemmonye who used to steal their money to buy footballs and toys but they were wrong”. He became a prefect when he finished standard 5, and he was given a holiday job at water Africa in Maun, he worked at the workshop as a spanner boy, “the boy is a hard worker, he never moan when he is doing his work” said one of his work mates, “I liked the job and received P300 as my first wage at work, I worked for P30 per day, mme was very happy with this” said Alvin. At school now he was topping his class when he graduated to standard seven he started working even more hard and gave his teachers no rest, “the boy was always in front of my houseday and night asking for all information he needs in math’s and English” said his headmaster Steven Harpt, “I woke up on 4 o’clock every day to study, the school was only attended by boys” said Kemmonye. The exam time arrived and Kemmonye wrote his exam, he was the only student in Bana Ba Metsi who got grade B, “I felt humbled, I really enjoyed being the best, but it was not my wish to take B, looking at my hard work and energy. My headmaster also complained about the results” said Alvin. In 2012 he was admitted at Makalamabedi Junior Secondary School where there were both boys and girls, “ eish it was tough, I faced many challenges, love affairs, I became interested in some of the girls because where I came from there was nothing like a person called a girl, but the good part is that I was not that much in girls, I started writing songs about my relationship of my first girlfriend, that was not enough, I tried poetry, and I was welcomed, I became a poet by then, I wrote more and more and my English teacher Miss Selepe used to correct me with the poems. I had this girl I really loved much and still love now; she dumped me for some reasons, this did not disturb me much I continued with my school work because I was doing form three by then. I enjoyed math’s, PE and science, and I had my best teacher who offered mathematics who was called Moduane Moduane, in class, sports, fairs everywhere he treated me like his son, I called him daddy, and there was also Mr. Modice Nthaba and Mr. Innocent Botshelo they were the same as Mr. Moduane, Mr. Nthaba was my Agriculture teacher while Mr. Botshelo was teaching Science but I was not in his class, but he was my science teacher, they offered me with everything I needed, education, toiletry, money and some advice. I also learnt something from Mr. Botshelo, I was someone who used to give up when I was doing something difficult, but he took me and sat me down and said to me that I shall never give up no matter how hard the situation is, and after that my performance improved, I liked athletics and his advice helped a lot. I wrote more poems and on October seven 2014 it was library day, I wrote this poem


“She stays quiet every time when busy, from dawn to dusk,
She keeps order for her own advantage,
Her sons and daughters in the paddocks packed in the vertical form,
The hungry visit her daily for enrichment,
For them to go with flying grades,
Giving fellow ones a chance to have a way ahead in life,
For she is the fountain from which we drink,
She denies you to fail

As we look upon her open we have the hope of rising from E to D
Dee to Cee, lastly but not quite sure Cee to Bee, and surely Bee to Aee ha...Ha...Ha
She gets the hungry ready for tricky challenging questions,
She has amenities perfect to keep one happy and giving all wisdom she can,
She denies you to fail”

I recited and took position one, I was very happy about it and started to believe that my poetry can take me somewhere, I was a Minister of Entertainment, many students called me a lot of names including, Madragoh, maximum, Billydragoh, Professor, Dictator, Dread, Switmanroe, Alvin, Chama boy, Alvin, MOROFF, that one they really liked it, but I did not, Disaster boy etc. those were my names when I was still in junior, my real nick names are Alvin Word Speaker”. During his time in junior secondary school Kemmonye faced many problems, wiped with a stick, different teachers good and bad, “I had any teacher who was bad in BBM” said Alvin. But this did not discourage him, he continued with his school until he finished in 2014. “I now look forward to raise my poetry which is based on fighting against treachery” said the author. He also said that poetry is a good thing in life, “we can use poetry to fight poverty and every bad situation that comes by, writing poems makes me not to have a mind that is full of stress and questions, I want people who can help me join shows so that I give it a try”. Said Alvin Updates

Caught In Love?

"The handcuffs are all around me, I'm like
A tiger in the cage, my friends said I was wrong
But it is the one I have been looking for,
I'm caught in love with the black woman surely
Caught in real love,

My life has flee from sadness to happiness in a
Short duration, even the sky is happy for my arrest,
I gauged hard for the bondage and never gave up,

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