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Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego Poems

41. Illness 12/10/2014
42. If Sheep Was A Loved One! 12/3/2014
43. Sudden Thunder! 12/3/2014
44. My Teacher! 12/10/2014
45. No Love In Dusk! 12/10/2014
46. The Shinny Woman! 12/10/2014
47. To Whom It May Concern 12/10/2014
48. You Are A Key To My Happiness 12/10/2014
49. Your Eyes 12/10/2014
50. A Cry For The Black Woman 12/10/2014
51. Anxious To Escape 12/10/2014
52. Stress 12/10/2014
53. The Book. 12/10/2014
54. The Embryonic Of My Poetry 12/10/2014
55. Black Book 12/10/2014
56. Black 12/10/2014
57. Born Again 12/10/2014
58. A Rope 12/10/2014
59. Come To Me 12/10/2014
60. Goodbye 12/10/2014
61. I'M On My Knees 12/10/2014
62. It Seek The Critical Care I Gave You 12/10/2014
63. I Still Love You! 1/26/2015
64. I'M On Duty! 1/28/2015
65. I Fell But Still Rose 1/28/2015
66. Fear My Dtrength: (Part One) 4/8/2015
67. Strike Before Dawn! 6/13/2015
68. Humble My Kneeling! 6/13/2015
69. You Only! 6/13/2015
70. If You Ride On My Ride Then Ride 7/18/2015
71. State Of Confusion! 7/18/2015
72. My Sun! 7/23/2015
73. Drowse Of Love! 7/23/2015
74. Give Them Their Rights! 7/23/2015
75. Good Night! 7/23/2015
76. Learn Your Paths! 7/23/2015
77. My False Mental Origin 7/23/2015
78. My Tears Are Worthy... 7/23/2015
79. Tormentor 7/23/2015
80. She Was Never… 7/23/2015

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The Light Of My Life

"The light of my life, your life,
The light of our nation,
We all need this light, to shine the gloomy paths of our lives,
Fathers and mothers ignite it to care for their young ones,
Brothers and sisters run to this light,
To build strong found for their future,
Education the light of my life, our life,
The light of our nation,

If i put off this light, I face a bleak future,
If i keep the light on, I face a bright future,
If i succumb to the pressures of this world,
And indulge in drugs and alcohol abuse,
I knock the prison doors, to ...

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Can I Forget You?

"My spine whispers your name to my ears every day,
Clean my back every time for dirt to decay, not even when
I'm dead, answers are written on sides of my rib cages,
My blood is a mixture of your voice and heart,
You give me the delving tunes every time when I am alone to dance,
Can I forget you?

My eyes are made from your image that is not from a digital
Camera, my mind needs a critical mass of thoughts to remember

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