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81. Love Born In Red 12/20/2015
82. Description 12/20/2015
83. Your Heart 12/20/2015
84. Abandoned 12/20/2015
85. My Message 12/20/2015
86. The Dream 12/20/2015
87. Everyday 12/20/2015
88. Sonnet Of My Shiny Comet 5/24/2017
89. Periodic Table Of My Love 6/2/2017
90. My Teacher! 12/10/2014
91. No Love In Dusk! 12/10/2014
92. Blizzard Against The Lord! 2/3/2015
93. Lead Us! 2/3/2015
94. The Touch Of My Written Words! 2/3/2015
95. We Know You Are The Ruller! 2/3/2015
96. The Tyre Marks Of Rejecting School! 2/3/2015
97. My Strategy Of Betrayal Of The Black Woman... 2/3/2015
98. Strike Before Dawn! 6/13/2015
99. You Only! 6/13/2015
100. Alvin Word Speaker 2/3/2015
101. Botswana We Are There 12/10/2014
102. Aren'T Scared Anymore 12/10/2014
103. Fortiveness Of My Legend! 12/3/2014
104. Why Are You Worried? 12/1/2014
105. When We Meet 12/1/2014
106. Hard Work, Mother To Goodluck 12/1/2014
107. My Family! 12/10/2014
108. The Poor Woman! 12/10/2014
109. Hope Became Hopeless! 2/3/2015
110. Splashed Waters Of The World! 2/3/2015
111. Poetry! 12/10/2014
112. Fear My Dtrength: (Part One) 4/8/2015
113. Humble My Kneeling! 6/13/2015
114. Teenage Pregnancy All Mathematically 7/8/2015
115. Solve My Scientific Love! 7/31/2017
116. The Future Is Not Determined By The Past 12/10/2014
117. Carly Kendall? 12/1/2014
118. You Denied My Appology! 2/3/2015
119. Because He Lives 12/10/2014
120. Happy Born Day Alvin 12/10/2014

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The Light Of My Life

"The light of my life, your life,
The light of our nation,
We all need this light, to shine the gloomy paths of our lives,
Fathers and mothers ignite it to care for their young ones,
Brothers and sisters run to this light,
To build strong found for their future,
Education the light of my life, our life,
The light of our nation,

If i put off this light, I face a bleak future,
If i keep the light on, I face a bright future,
If i succumb to the pressures of this world,
And indulge in drugs and alcohol abuse,
I knock the prison doors, to ...

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Carly Kendall?

'As opened the door, I saw those glittering eyes giving me
A gauging look to see and capture the root of beauty,
Your hips out like a volcanic mountain peak up
In the atmosphere,
The sweat came between my eyes, as fast like thunder I greeted
You, luckily I was welcomed,
Carly Kendall please be with me,
The eye catching beauty girl standing in front of me, leaving me
No choice of feeling dizzy,

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