Alyce Crowley

Biography of Alyce Crowley

I was born in Amarillo, Texas, Potter County at 1: 01 a.m to Keely Evon Riggs and Thomas Doyle Henderson. I'm a Senior in high school now and I am looking forward to a promising career in the field of Mortuary Science. I'm lesbian which is key to a lot of the poetry I write. I'm not entirely male or entirely female in my outlook on things and that gives my poetry an androgny that is beautiful and almost celestial. Love has treated me fairly poorly so I try to refrain from it as much possible.

Alyce Crowley's Works:

Published books? I've had several poems publshed and consider myself very proficent in the writing department. I'm always on with a project. It keeps me going. Updates


Morning reminds me
Of Innocence
And I strive to Remember
But it's hard
And I can't
Sometimes I wish things
Could be
Would be
Simple Again
But it's hard
So I long
Again for the beauty in a child's eyes...
They don't know.
I pray they won't find out
Too soon
That life is complicated...