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hi my name's alysha renee',
i like to draw, sing and currently i'm interested in poetry, though i've been writing for as long as i remember. i'm young but have an old soul...and many of the things i've witnessed may not be seen as fit for someone of my age. writing is my way of getting out the way i feel. one day the world will know me. all my poems are mostly about me or people close to me in my life. i enjoy writing because its the one time you can tuly make things go your way. its the only way you can go back and reverse things...make harsh words unspoken. writing give me a chance to stop and look at the bigger picture. sometimes i wish i could live in books because whenever things get hard you can always pause...and look at the situation in a different angle....which most of the time now days you cant. everything is rushed. as you read my poems i want you to know that by the time you finish you'll be closer to me than anyone i know..even family. when i write my poetry i speak the the words that were unspoken, i right wrongs.i try, try to make things go right but i'm realizing now that with life, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. this is my story. Updates

I Feel Like Im High

i feel like im high, like ive overdosed on ecstasy..maybe
but i realize im getting high off your high, my high, our high
our high of riding this emotional rollercoaster called life...or are we really just riding death? matter
why is it that everyone says we should be thankful to HIM for waking us up and living another day, when its really just a death sentece prolonged?
why, why is it that the only way we can really live is by almost dying? ? ?
poppin pills, sufficating, sliting wri

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