Alyssa Siebers

Rookie (Dec.2 1992 / Neenah Wisconsin)

Biography of Alyssa Siebers

I love The Flaming Lips, The Shins (Broken Bells) , Sick Puppies, Sean Hayes etc.
I enjoy Sushi for favorite food! Oh and Mexican Food! mmm!
My life plan is to move to Northern California and live off the coast.
Consider me a lone nonconformist.
I prefer chilling more than partying.
I am a Freshmen College Student at UW-Fox Valley,
I will be seeing The Black Keys July 6th!
I'm very good at have platonic friends, so you'll mostly see me kicking it with the males more than the females.
Fungus is my choice.
I enjoy playing video-games! (Dragon Age, Fallout, Black Ops... and even Pokemon) No Nazi Zombies though! haha.
I've been to the largest protest for against union workers- March 12th.100,000 people and more!
I'm in love, not in a relationship, but I enjoy the feeling of it,
No, not some silly infatuation.
I've been in the relationship long enough to know the difference kiddo's. No cheating, flirting, or other nonsense everyone else does.
I'm enjoying the flow. Updates

Coming Down

This life isn't so hard, it's us that makes it complicated.
we extended our knowledge of science too far,
we've created whats suppose to stay hidden,
we've turned love into a myth
we've turned friendship into a giant laugh,
Honesty is the one thing scientists forgot to make,
There isn't a hard road to take,
There's no hard choices except the right ones,
I can say out of it all, my mother is enough,

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