Amairani Sinaloa

Rookie (September 20th 1996 / Phoenix Arizona)

Biography of Amairani Sinaloa

I grew up in AZ, spent my time being bullied, with out any friends, and being called a lucky leprechaun due to my height and my smartness, i was driving down the road of writing, Which was the only escape I really had. My family and I moved to Mexico, Guadalajara Jalisco. It's a very nice, place good weather and delicious food. That's where I had my half my teenage years, and things started to become better, and I was happy most of the time. Know i'm 16, and I have returned to Arizona, God I have a lot of memories here, some good, some not so good. But in the other hand, i'm proud of whom I am and what I've become. I love my family, my friends. I love to play soccer, I love food, And I never say no. My favorite colors are red, black, and blue. I like to draw a bit, i'm a massive fan of people who treat others kindly. I've been heart broken many, many, many times in my life, due to my fiscal looks. I for once wish the best to all those who hated me, said mean things to me. thanks to theme I wouldn't ever be who I am, I never knew people thought i was better than them.! ! Ooh! ! I love you One Direction. A Big Fan, Big Fan in dead. Updates


Every petal of a rose
falls down elegantly landing in pose.
Every rain dropp that hit the ground.
Is lost within others, and never found.
Every sunlight hitting streets.
Is a secret for ever to keep.
Every cold mist along the way.
Is another mist placed word someone said.
Every writing pen today.

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