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to me life has been a great teacher and I am learning always to live better, life has been nursing me almost more than a score of years and I have kept its care in a lab of reflection and viewed my passage...I am not what I was yesterday, you shall find me not the same on the morrow...for long ago had realized even death is not at halt and if we can do nothing, , even then we must keep moving at least...
Shall never regard myself as a poet, for I am not one. With too little knowledge of the language I stand no where in the scales. Poetry thus has been to me like a observation of this vastness of life, , and life has been much kind to me as since my very childhood it has shown me its vividness, , , one afternoon it showed the nest of time's rest and the other evening a heavenly morning we met beside the shore of the mighty river of our land and one night we sat in the hill top and drank moon light...I live on a flow and poetry is the picture of the many waves I come across.

Have met some wonderful people here, , for that I am indebted to this place.. Updates

Journey Or Stoppage

The distances, they were never erased,
the differences could never be bridged.
An d with smiles you went away (or never came)
always a little and a little away,
It wasn't so that I held you,
still you escaped-
speaking, enjoying each step.
as if your indifference was at its zenith.
Ask me not and you would never,

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