Amanda Allsteadt

Rookie (01-09-1996 / Michigan)

Biography of Amanda Allsteadt

~Hey, my name's Amanda. I'm sixteen and I love anything to do with the arts. From writing to singing, it's my scene. I'm big into colors, so I love fashion too.
~I'm pretty cool with a lot of stuff, but you'll notice almost all my poems are super depressing. I'm not the cheerleader type. I am much more the gothic emo type. The only problem with that is my love of colors.
~I think I'm fat. I weigh less than 150 and I'm a size 8 in women's clothing. I'm 5'5'. I think I'm ugly.
~I've never had a boyfriend, or rather I didn't consider him to be one. He lasted four days before I had to get rid of him because he moved to fast.
~I'm a country girl, traditional in many ways but modern in others. Some people think that that is pretty cool.
~I'm a really fast typer and it freaks my mom out, but she says it's because I type and text almost nonstop. I don't really eat that often or much and sleep even less.
~I've lost friends to suicide and even thought about it myself. But the friends I have keep me grounded and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
~Sometimes I wish for silence, but then I realize my friends keep everything to loud TO distract me.

I'm a carefree northern girl who knows how to have fun with her friends! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Updates

One Shot

One shot
That's all it will take
To end my pain
Rid me of the noise

He tells me that he loves me
He's disappointed
To see me like this
All I can think is sure

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