Amanda Clark

Rookie (11-24-97 / Hartford)

Biography of Amanda Clark

Hi i'm Amanda i'm one of the broken people on this world! I'm 14 and for only being 14 i've experienced alot probably alot more than many people, and more than I wish i had. In this it has changed me learning about my father and who he really was and not who he was pretending to be! Losing my Grandma and My cousin and btw I miss them both! and then being shunned by my family and not being cared about by my mother or sister because to them im just damaged good and can't be fixed1 inside they hate me because i'm part of him they can try to hide it all they want but i can see right threw it, threw there games lie and how disappointed they are that i'm still alive! I've been a disappointment to them and everyone and by writing this and being on this site i get to vent and i would like to thank whoever made this for helping me out! Thanks Updates

To Feel Love Once More

If there was one word to describe you it would be perfect
From your crooked smile to your goofy laugh
There's not flaw you have I don't like
Even if your geekier than a science nerd I would still love you
When were in each others arms it feels like everything in the world just stops
But when we kiss there's no words to describe how it makes me feel but i could try
When we kiss i feel like everything's right in the world, you make me feel loved
I feel safe when i'm with you
We may not ge

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