Amanda D Shelton

Rookie - 239 Points [Ashe Rose Darkly] (3th Of July 1981 / Bakersfield California USA)

Biography of Amanda D Shelton

I was born 3th of July 1981 in Bakersfield California USA. I suffered abuse, illness, and neglect the first nine years of my life and survived. I learned to cope by writing, and helping others who suffered similar situations as I did. I also joined the Goth community back in 1989, I finally felt I belonged. My mother whom helped me to become the person I am today, fought long and hard to become a better person so she could raise me and my brother. My father did his best too, after five years he final found a beautiful woman and married her. I lost my mother on 5th of December 2014 six days before her 58th birthday from cancer. She was my best friend and confidant. I am a strong person even though I have lost a lot of loved ones over just a span of 33 years. I also got brain surgery on 15th of January 2010, called [DBS] Deep Brain Stimulator for a condition I suffer from called Dystonia, it is a rare movement disorder. I am now living on my own with my cat Sassy Nanny Pooh Shelton or you can call her Boo.

Amanda D Shelton's Works:

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The Many Shades Of You

I fade into you,
like a pair of worn out shoes.

Green, you grow on my soul.
Blue, you can cry on my shoulder.
Red, you make me mad.
Yellow, you make me mellow.
Black, oh you'll come back.
Gray, you're like my shadow, you follow me everyday.

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