Amanda Dell

Biography of Amanda Dell

I'm really a musician and songwriter...but poems are lyrics without the melody. I've been expressing my emotions and thoughts through poetry and verse since I was able to write. Just wanted to share some with the rest of the world. Enjoy!
Read and create your own melody.... Updates

Celestial Companions

I lay awake in anticipation for the final star to fade.
Night is aware of sorrows that light conceals with day.
The moon so wise and lofty, nothing from him can I hide.
He rarely hears my laughter, but no stranger to my cries.
I beseech him for some warmth, to reveal and show the way.
But this man, he is silent, offering nothing in return to say.
He glares from up above me, his illuminating glow.
Watches me in my repentance as though it is a show.
Light! Break through the shadows, tear

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