Amanda Dell

Biography of Amanda Dell

I'm really a musician and songwriter...but poems are lyrics without the melody. I've been expressing my emotions and thoughts through poetry and verse since I was able to write. Just wanted to share some with the rest of the world. Enjoy!
Read and create your own melody.... Updates


It makes no sense, this train I am aboard
How do I suspect the peril, and still cry out for more?
I can see this train is not so safe, I can spy its rust and tear
& still I take my seat, declaring “take me anywhere! ”
This seat is so distressing, I squirm to make it right.
I ride so long I can’t remember, “is it day, or is it night? ”
The food is never satisfying, most times it makes me ill
Yet I eat and binge insatiably, never getting my fill
The conditions are rather unpredictable

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