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Biography of Amanda Eckols

shouldnt this say autobiography lol whatev I think the present is more important than the past right now i look forward to the future lol on a different note I PLAYED FOOTBALL which is how I got into poetry. Had to stay a girl some how and crying was not allowed on the grid iron. lol neither is rolling of the eyes as I found out today. cann't wait to get better so i can kick some bumm! ! ! ! ! ! ! Can you tell I have ADHA.. oh a bunny! where was I..oh I was born on my birthday when I was 9 months if ur troubles were bubbles I'd pop them one by pretty colors!

Amanda Eckols's Works:

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I feel so broken hearted
I look for times that have past
I feel their eyes upon me
their whispers seem so loud
Why does she do it is far above the crowd
the bruises and the pain
it doesn’t seem worth while
sometimes I hate it
and when it hurts to move

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