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shouldnt this say autobiography lol whatev I think the present is more important than the past right now i look forward to the future lol on a different note I PLAYED FOOTBALL which is how I got into poetry. Had to stay a girl some how and crying was not allowed on the grid iron. lol neither is rolling of the eyes as I found out today. cann't wait to get better so i can kick some bumm! ! ! ! ! ! ! Can you tell I have ADHA.. oh a bunny! where was I..oh I was born on my birthday when I was 9 months if ur troubles were bubbles I'd pop them one by pretty colors!

Amanda Eckols's Works:

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Indefinitely Lonely

Indefinitely Lonely
I don’t know when it will end
The world will pass on by while I'm alone
stuck in a dark room
there's no-one to let me out
they key to my heart was stolen
by a love who's never coming back
Indefinitely Lonely
that’s how I feel today

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