Amanda Lee

Rookie (10-20-1992 -? / Orange Park)

Biography of Amanda Lee

Amanda, or as her friends call her, Amanaka, was born on October 20th,1992 in Orange Park, Florida. She had always loved school and made Honor Roll every year until 6th grade. For some social reasons, her grades began to slip. First it was a C.... then came a D.... luckily, she has never recieved an F in her life. She always loved her English and Art subjects. She excelled in them because she was very creative. When she began 8th grade, that was when her ideas REALLY started flowing. She went through many, many changes from that point onward, always trying to find herself. She didnt have a boyfriend until she was in 9th grade. There is a long story that goes along with that and if you are so interested that you want to know, you can Myspace message her at.:
She now attends Robert E. Lee High School, graduating the 9th grade in Summer 2008.

Amanda Lee's Works:

Dying to Know the Truth Updates

The Guests

I hear them them screaming
calling my name
'who's there', I call
noone answers

I hear them moaning,
wanting revenge
'who's there', I call
noone answers

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