Amanda Pearce

Rookie (December 11,1985 / Midland, TX)

Biography of Amanda Pearce

My father was a member of the Manson Family. He left two weeks before the first murders happened. I loved him deeply, though he psychologically tortured me for my entire life. He died, with me standing at the foot of his bed, when I was 17. My mother is a pathetic selfish human being that I can't help but love dearly. I have been with an older man for four years (since I was 19) that doesn't, or perhaps even can't, give me the love I so desperately need... But he did give me a daughter. I spend most of my time alone and dreaming of something better. The problem is... dreams don't come true, but nightmares do. Updates


The answer is still unknown,
And I am still alone;
A sad little girl in a dark little place,
A dark little smile on a sad little face.

How I try not to notice my heart is breaking,
How I try not to feel that my strength is quaking.
I would reach out if there was someone to hold...
And I would be warm if the night wasn't cold.

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