Amanda Seltrecht

Rookie (9/20/91 / WI)

Biography of Amanda Seltrecht

Well My name is Amanda and I am currently a Junior in High school. When I graduate I want to go to University for Music Journalism and Creative Writing. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, Hip-Hop dancing and writing poems. My parents divorced when I was 2, I moved around a lot with my mom, when I was 6 she remarried and my step dad was an abusive alcholic, when I was 8 she got a divorce, and with that came a new boyfriend who was a meth addict and my mom got into it pretty bad. In 2001 my biological dad died and I got put into foster care, my mom put me up for adoption and now I am under guardian-ship. So far I have moved 13 times, but I think that everything happened for a reason. I am the Football Cheerleading Captain at my school, so from reading my poems and talking to me you proubably wouldn't guess off hand. Updates

~pathetic Personals~

I have learned that the prettiest roses have the sharpest thorns
Those who cannot move on from pain live their lives in mourn
Why does love have to be so cruel
Why can we just make our own rules
You lost your faith so I put faith in you
You said you loved me I said I love you too
But no I do not hate you and I know I never will
I cared about you then and I care about you still
Even though you hurt me I cannot seem to let you go

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