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Well, all i can say about my poems is that they are all original. I am 16 almost 17 and I listen to music just like everybody else. The difference is that I don't listen to everybody else's music. I am a rocker, end of story. Don't know if my poems are good enough to be on here but it was my only shot at getting myself known so get over it. LOL; p.

Amanda Swain's Works:

None. I haven't gotten anything published despite my futile efforts to change that. Updates

Ghost Of The Past

The pain comes back, just like before
I wish again to see death’s door
It’s fire burning in my heart
My self tearing me apart
I try to wish it all away
But it won’t leave me, not today
Let me breath I think aloud
The pain pulses with the sound
I sometimes think that it’s alive

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