Amanda Swindahl

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Biography of Amanda Swindahl

I have graduated high school, and i am currently in college. I love to write. It is that one subject i always took an interest in, and I learned how to write a poem in eighth grade. I had a wonderful teacher in 9th grade that taught me no limitations to what you have to say in a poem, that free verse is a real poem, not something that has to ryhme to sound good. It just has to flow. I find it alot easier to write about tough situations because they are what keeps a suspense for me when i read others. I guess you could call it a place where i can be free and think for myself and not have to worry about what others think of me or my poetry, how can you truely judge a poem, it either touches you with a lasting impression, or it slightly draws you in enough to read about it.
I dont think my poems are anything out of the ordinary, but i do have my own style. Its an art, and i would do anything to create my own masterpiece! -Amanda Updates

Stitches Without Mending

Written by: Amanda Swindahl

Time is temperamental, a robbery aggrieved, an irrational motive.
Down, Down, Down.
Time is stealth, a mockery of the heart,
Sneaking up on you just as you realize it's too late.
Time slips through you with a grasp of your heart,
Down, Down, Down.
a flood of vengeance soaking through.

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