Amanda Theodosia Jones

(1835-1914 / Ontario County, New York)

Biography of Amanda Theodosia Jones

Amanda Theodosia Jones (1835 – 1914) was an American woman author and inventor most noted for inventing a vacuum method of canning called the Jones Process.

Amanda Jones was born in East Bloomfield, New York, on October 19, 1835, the fourth child of Henry and Mary Alma (Mott) Jones. She attended district schools in East Bloomfield and Black Rock, New York; she completed normal school training at the East Aurora Academy in New York and began teaching at the age of fifteen. Updates

The Soldier's Bride

At last the dread cloud that hung over the gorges
Has sailed to the west and extinguished the sun;
At last, mid the mountains, war's thunderbolt-forges
Have ceased their loud labor; all fighting is done.

'My dearest, shrink not!' murmured he, when we parted,
'But pray that Jehovah our freemen may shield;
And if I should perish, be not heavy-hearted.'
In haste, then, he kissed me and sped to the field.

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